Yup, Here’s Another One…Voicemail Scam Alert


The phishers are at it again.  This time, it’s an email from Microsoft that purports to have a voicemail message for you.  Attached to the message is a zip file with the supposed Voicemail-Scam.pngvoicemail.  DON’T open it.  Opening the voicemail to “play” your message will allow the hacker to load their malware onto your PC.  This is a pretty simple phish and one that’s been used and reused over the years.  Don’t get tricked by this!  If you do get legitimate voicemail message in your email, they are probably not from a company like Microsoft and they are almost certainly not in zip files.  Remember to play it safe, don’t open unknown attachments.

I really hope my next post is something more positive than another scam alert 🙂

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