CyberSecure Your Business Event Today #CyberAware


Today at 2 PM is an online event as part of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

This free webinar is focused on combating ransomware and phishing in the workplace.

You may learn more about the webinar and RSVP to attend at this link.


Facebook ΓÇô 1 Identify.png

A key message in this weeks theme is identifying the “crown jewels” of digital assets.  You have to know what’s important to your business in order to properly protect it.  This link provides some guidance around identifying and maintaining an up to date inventory of your digital “crown jewels.”

Throughout this week, I’ll post on the remaining steps associated with protecting your business.  Today is Step 1: Identify.  Remaining steps are:

Step 2: Protect
Step 3: Detect
Step 4: Respond
Step 5: Recover

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