Revisiting Self-Service Password Management


Five months ago, I wrote a post about self-service password management and why it’s beneficial.

Self-service-password-toolsI thought I would expand on why self-service password management can be so helpful in your environment.  As we look at ticket statistics from our Help Desk, we continually see that password resets and account lock outs are the most common call that comes in for help.  This makes sense.  You get a prompt that it’s time to change your password (at least I hope you do, at least every 90 days) and when you go to change it, you mis-type and can’t log in with your new password.  Or, you try to type the password so many times that you lock out your account.

You believe your only option is to call the Help Desk to re-enable your account and/or reset your password.  It can be a frustrating experience, especially when you are working remotely or via web based systems.

What if you could go to a secure site and reset your password yourself, or unlock your account yourself?  That would make things far less frustrating.  It also will not matter if you are in the office, working from home, a hotel or the beach while on vacation (you don’t do that, right?).

That’s the power of self-service password management.  Instead of calling the Help Desk, you can fix things yourself, from a web site or even a mobile app on your smartphone.  It won’t matter where you are or what device you are working on, smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

It just makes sense and if your organization is not using self-service password management, you should be.  As your IT department or IT partner about it.  You will be a hero with your colleagues for getting this implemented.