Another Great Gadget to Give


Sorry not to have posted yesterday.  Wound up being a very busy day, which is always a good thing, so I will get caught up with my daily recommendations today.

Keeping with the theme of portable charging, if you have an Apple Watch and find AppleWatchChargeryourself running low on power during your day, here’s a handy and inexpensive portable Apple Watch charger that is not much larger than most car key fobs.

This little unit has a built in battery that will fully charge an Apple Watch in under 3 hours.  If you just need a quick top-off, to get you through the day, it does so efficiently and quickly.  The charger is re-charged with a standard Micro-USB cable, so if you have the myCharge Hub that I posted yesterday, you can re-charge this with that.  You’ll have everything you need to stay powered up on the go or during a power outage.

Anyone with an Apple Watch should appreciate this little gift, which costs less than $40 and can be found on Amazon.  The link will take you to one of the models that I recommend.

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