Bluetooth Headphone Recommendation: Apple AirPods


There are so many Bluetooth headphones on the market today, it is really hard to know which is the best, or which would be the best gift to give.  To be sure, almost any pair will be a welcome gift, but one pair does stand apart from the crowd and that is Apple’s AirPods.

airpods-610x340If you are an Apple device user, pairing your AirPods with your Mac, iPhone or iPad is just super simple.  The good news is, you can also pair your AirPods to any Bluetooth device, like a Windows PC, so while most Apple products only work with other Apple products, AirPods cross platforms nicely thanks to complying with the Bluetooth standard.

What makes the AirPods the Bluetooth headphones to beat are their size, weight, sound quality and compact charging case.  As far as untethered Bluetooth headphones go, the sounds quality is tough to beat.  What I mean by this is that there is no cable connecting AirPod Coverthe two AirPods, each is independent, so you won’t have to content with a cable running behind your neck.  AirPods are light and fit nicely in most ears.  I will admit that the fit of my own is not as snug as I might like, but they stay in place and deliver nice sound quality and also work seamlessly for phone calls as well.  When I am active, working out and wearing them, I slip them into a pair of covers with hooks, to hold them snugly in place, especially while running.

AirPods have been hard to get ahold of, but Apple seems to have caught up with demand and they are once again readily available.  That said, I expect they will be a very popular item this holiday season, so I would not procrastinate if you have these on your gift list.  Grab them as soon as you see them.

557954-bose-soundsport-free-inlineI will also mention one other pair of similar headphones that I think are an excellent alternative to AirPods and those are the Bose SoundSport Free.  They are larger than AirPods and relatively new to the market, but build on the success of their tethered version, so I suspect these are an excellent choice as well.

Whatever you decide, you will have one very lucky recipient to receive a pair of Bluetooth headphones this holiday season.

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