Kudos to Microsoft Surface Support


I’ve had a Microsoft Surface Book for a couple of years now and it is, by far, the best computer I have ever had.  It’s feature rich, light and very powerful.  It’s been a flawless device throughout.

Surface Book

One of the features I use heavily is the ability to detach the screen to have it become a tablet or to rotate it and reattach it to the keyboard base and have it fold down over the keyboard.  I use the tablet extensively, especially when meeting with clients, to take notes with the Surface Pen in OneNote.  Another feature I use is to reverse the screen and tuck the laptop under my monitor so that the Surface Book screen becomes an additional monitor on my desk, where I use a large widescreen monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse.

Over the last several months, when I press the detach button to remove or reverse the screen, I’ve been getting a red light and detach failure message.  I’ve actually still been able to detach the screen, but I became increasingly concerned that the mechanical latch may be failing.  So, after following all of the troubleshooting steps from Microsoft, which were extensive, I decided to make an appointment with the Service Desk at the Microsoft Store.


The tech that I worked with, Kenny, was great.  He checked to be sure that I had followed the troubleshooting steps and then did his own analysis of the issue.  His determination was that one side of the latch was failing, as I suspected.  Because the Surface Book is a totally sealed unit, it can’t easily be repaired.  My unit was also out of warranty, so this was not a warranty issue.  Given how heavily I use the detach feature, I’m sure I have just worn it down.

Microsoft has a smart option for situations like this.  For $599, I was able to replace my Surface Book with a new unit with the exact same specifications.  In fact, the replacement unit even has the newer performance base, so it could be considered an upgrade, not just a like for like replacement.  This was a great option and certainly reasonable from a cost standpoint as my unit is a $2,499 system.

Because I have all of my critical folders synchronized with OneDrive, moving to a new computer was a snap.  Login with my Microsoft Account, connect to OneDrive and all of my settings and data are right where they should be.

Thanks Microsoft, for making this an easy and cost effective process.  Well done.

3 thoughts on “Kudos to Microsoft Surface Support

  1. Maxmzs

    So due to lack of quality a function of your laptop failed. Now Microsoft is charging you another 600 dollars to repair this only richte the very same failure after another 2 years. And you are cheering this procedure???? Unbelievable!

    • MJ Shoer

      You are clearly missing the point of what I was saying. I am an extremely heavy user of my laptop and of this feature in particular. Attaching and detaching multiple times each day. I believe the latch failed due to my extremely heavy use and given that the machine was out of warranty, I feel paying $600 for a completely new PC was a very reasonable solution to the problem. Microsoft, or any manufacturer for that matter, could have simply said sorry, you’re out of warranty, buy a new machine. In fact, I have seen that exact scenario play out with other manufacturers, so yes, I am pleased with this outcome. This had nothing to do with lack of quality and this was not a repair, this was a complete replacement.

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