Yup, the Olympics are Being Hacked


PyeongChang OlympicsThe good news is that no known damage has been done, but it didn’t take long for bad actors to attempt to disrupt the Olympic Games currently underway in PyeongChang.  In fact, a yet to be identified hacker disrupted some servers during the opening ceremony that ultimately led to the web site for this years games being taken down overnight that first day.

The Olympics are a particularly complicated even to safeguard.  Numerous IT related vendors are working together to manage a very robust IT infrastructure that is temporary.  Everything is done under the auspices of the local Olympic organizing committee, which is also a temporary entity.

Personally, a permanent home for the Olympic Games would go a long way to making cybersecurity less of a concern, but I’m not sure the politics of such a move are going to allow that in the foreseeable future, but this is another topic altogether.

For now, the Olympics seem to be safe, though several instances of vaious malware have been detected within the various networks in use.  The vendors and organizing committee are working dilligently to be sure that nothing more malicious is in play, but given the tensions between the Korea’s and general geopolitical tensions around the world, the Olympics being a target was more of a sure thing that any one athlete winning gold.

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