Kudos to the Girl Scouts!


Girl Scouts around the country are now able to earn a Cybersecurity Badge.  So much for camping and cooking over an open fire.  These are not your mother’s Girl Scouts!

GSThe new badges are the result of requests from Girl Scouts themselves.  The Girl Scouts partnered with security company Palo Alto Networks to create the new badge.  Maybe they are concerned about protecting the famous Girl Scout cookie orders, though probably not.  In all seriousness, the girls have expressed concern for everything from protecting their identity online to protecting the family’s home networks from being hacked.  This is the new face of the Girl Scouts, adapting to the times we live in.

This is a great STEM initiative by the Girl Scouts and exactly what we need to see more of.  Especially because women are unrepresented in high tech.  It’s so important to expose kids to opportunities in technology and cybersecurity is certainly a hot topic.  The girls are learning about coding and how computer networks work.  It’s truly an innovative program.

Sylvia Acevedo, the CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA has been quoted as saying “Cybersecurity is vital to protect our financial systems, our voting systems, you know, our defense systems. So we absolutely need to have the rising generation interested and prepared in cyber security.”  She could not be more right.

Creative initiatives like this are just what we need and great feeder to other initiatives like CompTIA‘s Advancing Women in IT (AWIT) Community.  From CompTIA’s website, “Advancing Women in Technology (AWIT) believes diversity is good for business and helps companies create inclusive and supportive work environments for all people. The community also provides networking opportunities, develops member-driven initiatives involving women and careers. AWIT supports women working in information technology and helps women and girls discover ways they can play important roles in the industry.”

Again, kudos to the Girl Scouts on being forward thinking and helping their members prepare for the future.

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