Don’t Get Fouled Out by March Sadness


March Madness is here and the brackets were busted up pretty well by the early upsets. With the Sweet 16 set, March Madness is in full swing and so are the hackers who want to take advantage of it.


Be on the lookout for phishing email tryingMarch-Madness-sadness to get you to go to fake web sites that are copies of the legitimate ones.  These are sites that cover the brackets and stream the games.  The phishing is all designed to get you to expose your username and password so the hackers can use it to gain access to your network or other sites where you use the same credentials.


Be aware of how many of your users are going to March Madness web sites during this time of year.  It’s not uncommon to hear complaints about the network being slow being tied to numerous users streaming games at work.  This is exactly what the hackers are hoping to find, so be cautious.  Only use sites you can guarantee are real.  Be skeptical of apps that you are encouraged to install to follow the madness.  Be sure these are legitimate as well.  Otherwise March Madness will turn into March Sadness in the time it takes to dribble the ball and get fouled.