It’s Good to be Back!


Hello from Nashville!  I’m so excited to be attending the Technology Marketing Toolkit Q2 Producer’s Club meeting in Franklin, TN for the next two days.Q2 PC MtgTechnology Marketing Toolkit was a key business partner to my MSP, Jenaly.  Robin Robins and her team were instrumental in the success of my business as our trusted marketing consultants.  I was Robin’s second client nearly 15 years ago.  Watching her business flourish as my own business did was a real treat.  Just as I watched my clients businesses flourish as we worked together over many years, it was a true win-win.

I am grateful to Robin for the invitation to attend the meeting this week and catch up with industry friends and colleagues as I pursure new opportunities.  I’ve already had some great meetings that have my mind full of possibilities.

I’ll share more as the event unfolds and look forward to sharing some exciting news in the very near future.

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