A Nice Quote


QuoteI received this quote in an email subscription today and thought it was worth sharing:

The secret of joy in work is contained in one word — excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it.

Pearl S. Buck, writer

Happy Holidays to All!


I know I have not been as regular as I like to be on my blog these past couple of months.  I have had some personal and professional developments that have required my attention more than usual.  Whichever holiday you and your families celebrate this time of year, I hope it is wonderful, meaningful and peaceful for you.  Thank you for your readership and I look forward to sharing more frequently with you as we move into the new year.


For fun, did you know that during the month of December, all of the following holidays are celebrated?

  • Bodhi Day: 8 December – Day of Enlightenment, celebrating the day that the historical Buddha (Shakyamuni or Siddhartha Gautama) experienced enlightenment (also known as Bodhi).
  • Pancha Ganapati: a modern five-day Hindu festival celebrated from December 21 through 25 in honor of Ganesha.
  • Hanukkah: usually falls anywhere between late November and early January. See “movable”
  • Yule: Pagan winter festival that was celebrated by the historical Germanic people from late December to early January.
  • Yalda: 21 December – The turning point, Winter Solstice. As the longest night of the year and the beginning of the lengthening of days, Shabe Yaldā or Shabe Chelle is an Iranian festival celebrating the victory of light and goodness over darkness and evil. Shabe yalda means ‘birthday eve.’ According to Persian mythology, Mithra was born at dawn on 22 December to a virgin mother. He symbolizes light, truth, goodness, strength, and friendship. Herodotus reports that this was the most important holiday of the year for contemporary Persians. In modern times Persians celebrate Yalda by staying up late or all night, a practice known as Shab Chera meaning ‘night gazing’. Fruits and nuts are eaten, especially pomegranates and watermelons, whose red color invokes the crimson hues of dawn and symbolize Mithra.
  • Koliada: Slavic winter festival celebrated on late December with parades and singers who visit houses and receive gifts.
Unitarian Universalism

This is why Happy Holidays is a nice way to wish everyone the best of the season if you are not sure which holiday they celebrate.  If you’d like to wish someone with their specific holiday greeting, just ask.  It’s a simple and thoughtful way to recognize the diveristy of our world and to help bridge divides that really should not seperate us.

A Simple Thought



Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go where there is no path…and leave a trail.

(Attributed to many, but mostly to Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!

Happy Independence Day



“Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

–Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, November 19, 1863

No matter what challenges lay in our path, the 4th of July is a time to remember what it means to be a citizen of these United States.

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Independence Day!

ChannelPro SMB Forum Boston 2016


I had the pleasure to speak on a panel today at ChannelPro SMB Forum today.  This event is part of ChannelPro’s Channel Fitness Tour. 

This event brings together IT Consultants and Managed Service Providers like Internet & Telephone to learn about business best practices and new technologies to help our customers. Eric Lawrence, I&T’s sales manager and I attended to represent the company. 

My panel was titled Pump Up Your Managed Services Revenue. It was a pleasure to sit on this panel with Karl Palachuk from Small Biz Thoughts, Ronnie Parisella from MSP Foundry and Paul Smith from Datasmith Network Solutions

We discussed everything from security solutions to mobile device management to Cloud-to-Cloud backup.   We also touched on communication and collaboration as well as VOIP, telecom services and a host of easy add-ons to help customers and improve profitability. 

All in all, a great day of giving back, learning and networking. 

Here are some pictures from the event. 

Thanks to Cecilia Galvin for the invite and the great job moderating the panel. 

A Work in Progress


work-in-progressThanks for visiting my blog.  This site is brand new, as of October 2016.

For many years, I maintained an active blog as part of my former IT business, Jenaly Technology Group, Inc., that was acquired in December of 2015 by Internet & Telephone, LLC (I&T).

As part of the acquisition, my original blog was acquired and integrated into the I&T website.  Please feel free to visit the news section of www.itllc.net to read my older posts if you are interested.

I am about to begin actively blogging on this site and hope you will follow this blog and offer your comments and feedback.

Thanks again for visiting and thanks for reading!


Thank You Business Solutions Magazine


I was very honored to be among a fine group of speakers at Business Solutions ChannelTransitions VAR/MSP Executive Conference. 

Regional events like this provide a unique opportunity to network with industry peers and discuss challenges and opportunities that we are all facing. 

Thanks to Business Solutions Magazine for the opportunity to share my experience and perspective on a wide variety of topics.