Oh No! Why Did You Click!


Red X.pngNoooo…You Clicked!  Why?

Don’t panic, you’re safe, but you really should not have clicked on the link on my blog post.

The whole point of my post was to alert you to scams circulating online that are tricking people into clicking links to fake web sites that are soliciting donations in the name of relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Harvey.  Because I would NEVER publish a link to anything malicious, I sent you to this page instead.  I am simply wanting to drive the point home.

If you really do want to support the victims of Hurricane Harvey through the Red Cross, go to their web site.  Open your web browser and type in the URL for the American Red Cross, which is www.redcross.org.  If you hover your mouse over this link, you will be able to verify it is going where it should and not a redirect to a potentially malicious site.  Just don’t forget, the safest thing is to type it into your browser.

One on the Red Cross web site, follow their links to the page they have published for Hurricane Harvey relief or call their toll free number, 1-800-HELP-NOW.

Stay Safe Texas and Stay Safe Online Everyone!